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Bro. Tyler Vanice, 32°

The objective of the Education and Training Committee is to develop and implement training programs for Valley officers, new members, and the general membership, to assist the four Bodies in developing and coordinating educational programs, and to manage the Valley library.

The Education and Training Committee shall consist of a Chairman and a minimum of 7 members. Additional Brethren may be assigned tasks as required for the execution of specific programs. The Chairman may delegate authority to other Scottish Rite Brethren for the execution of specific programs under the purview of the Education and Training Committee.


  1. The Committee shall develop training programs to further Valley members’ understanding of the Scottish Rite, its history and symbols; its organizational structure, rules and procedures; its philosophy and creed; and its rituals and ceremonies. It shall accomplish this by:

    1. Developing, maintaining and presenting a Valley Officer training program;

    2. Maintaining Valley Officer job descriptions and creating and tracking Valley Officer advancement requirements;

    3. Planning and hosting an annual Valley Officers’ retreat;

    4. Promoting membership participation in the Master Craftsman Program, and tracking and reporting on Valley participation in the Program;

    5. Developing additional educational opportunities for the membership, such as organizing book discussion groups;

    6. Producing educational materials, such as Scottish Rite Degree summaries and book reviews;

    7. Developing and presenting new member training programs at Valley Reunions.

  2. The Committee shall coordinate presentation of monthly Education programs at Valley Stated meetings or, when requested, at other Valley events or gatherings such as the Scottish Rite Club meetings.

  3. The Committee shall manage the Valley library by:

    1. Cataloging the holdings and maintaining the list on the Valley website;

    2. Compiling a list of books to expand and improve the Masonic book collection through consultation with other Masonic librarians and scholars;

    3. Enlisting the support of our membership in obtaining desired books;

    4. Exploring ways to make the library and its collection more available and accessible to our membership;

    5. Maintaining and updating a “Books on Freemasonry” section of the Valley website.

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