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Budget & Finance



Peter E. Terrill, 33°

Vice Chairman:

Jason W. Lotz, KCCH


James D. Baker, KCCH

Michael P. Bible, KCCH

David H. Smith, SR., 33°

Adam C. Duncan, KCCH

Representative of each of the four Bodies

The Budget and Finance Committee shall identify mid-term   (3 yr.) and long term (4-8 yr.) financial goals and strategies; prepare the Valley budget for the next year; and monitor implementation of the current year budget.

It also shall be responsible for: assessing the adequacy of the Trustees funds and other funds to assist with the operating and capital budget; recommending investment options for funds held by the Valley Trustees; identifying projected funding requirements; and recommending changes to dues and fees.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall consist of a Chairman, the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, the Treasurer, and a minimum of 3 members. The heads and number two officers of the four Bodies shall be ex-officio members of the Committee. The Chairmen of the operating committees will be specifically invited to attend Budget and Finance Committee meetings, but the Committee meetings will be open to all Alexandria Scottish Rite Brethren.


  1. The Committee shall work with the number two officers of the four Bodies and with the Committee Chairs to develop the budget for the next Scottish Rite year, considering planned programs and available funding.

  2. The Committee shall monitor implementation of the current year budget. Adjustments will be made to transfer funds from accounts where they are not needed or being used to where they are needed.

  3. The Committee shall present to the Personal Representative anticipated budget shortfalls between anticipated revenue from all sources and Valley operating expenses, capital budget requirements, and desired program funding, along with recommendations as to how the shortfalls might be remedied.

  4. The Committee, working with the Trustees, shall develop a 20-year building capital improvement budget and a long-term funding objective for a capital building fund.

    1. The Trustees shall provide to the Committee an analysis of the expected life of each of the building systems (air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

    2. The Trustees shall provide the Committee with an estimate of the funds needed to pay for repair and replacement of these systems and the degree to which they are available from the Trustees funds.

  5. The Committee shall recommend an investment strategy for funds held by the Valley Trustees and a spending plan to conserve and grow the funds needed for the operating and capital budget. It also shall recommend changes to dues and fees.

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