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Timmy Shrum, K.C.C.H.


Eric LeHew

James C. Anagnos, 33°

Daniel E. Froggett

Scott C. Springer, 33°

Matthew T. Szramoski, 33°

Jason M. Himsey, KCCH

Michael D. Taldo, KCCH

A Representative of each of the four Bodies

---Scholarship Opportunity---

The Valley of Alexandria is offering scholarships with submittals postmarked NLT 30 March 2024: 

(1)  Glass Fund Scholarship

These scholarships are open to anyone attending a two- or four-year college or university or seeking a post-secondary vocational training or certification. The number of scholarships awarded will be determined based upon available funds.


See attachments for more details. 

The objective of the Philanthropy Committee is to increase the awareness of the Brethren about, and their involvement in, the various Scottish Rite philanthropic activities. It also is to promote, in coordination with the Communications and Public Outreach Committee, public awareness of the philanthropic work of Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the Valley, Orient and Southern Jurisdiction levels.

The Philanthropy Committee shall consist of a Chairman and a minimum of 6 members including a representative from each of the four Bodies.


  1. The Committee shall develop a communication and outreach program to raise the profile of Scottish Rite philanthropic activities (such as RiteCare, Friends & Family charity gala, Scholarships, Almoner's Fund) by:

    1. Maintaining a current description of each activity on our website;

    2. Drafting articles for publication in the Alexandria Scottish Rite Bulletin;

    3. Presenting short talks/announcements at meetings on a quarterly basis;

    4. Including a short summary of our philanthropic activities in the Reunion booklets;

    5. Enhancing donor recognition programs.

  2. The Committee shall engage the membership in our philanthropic activities by:

    1. Working with the heads of the four Bodies and the other Committee Chairs to gain their support for our charitable activities;

    2. Promoting member attendance at our JMU visits to the summer clinic;

    3. Encouraging member participation in the annual Celebrating the Craft event;

    4. Organizing and holding the annual Friends and Family charity gala;

    5. Encouraging member gifts and bequests;

    6. Promoting donor programs such as "Amazon Smile";

    7. Determining if there are other charitable activities that the membership would like to support - i.e., community activities.

  3. The Committee shall manage the Valley scholarship programs.

  4. The Committee shall create and publish a Valley philanthropic giving plan and provide an annual report to the Valley on the status and progress of implementing the plan.

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