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Email Group


The Alexandria Scottish Rite has a group email list to assist in mass communications. Users with an email address are already members of the group email list.

To subscribe to the Alexandria Scottish Rite email list, send a message to


To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to

Group email list members can send a message to members@alexandriascottishrite.organd all members in the group will receive a copy of it.

To read archived messages, visit

The following are instructions to help you understand the use of the email group list.

An email group list is an automated email system where the members on the list can send a message to a single address and the message will be sent to all email addresses that are listed in the database file of the email group list. You must be a member on the email group list in order to send a message to the members of the email group list.

Please remember this group email is to allow members to be quickly notified about matters of importance.  It is not a forum for discussion.  Please remember that when you send a message to the email group list address, it is received by a large number of members, so we do not want to generate unnecessary traffic.  No trivia, no jokes, no politics or religion, nothing that is unkind, disparaging, or discourteous, and nothing that is "not proper to be written."


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